TMG - Total Media Group (Angola), Lda. Is born after eight years of continuous experience in the Angolan Audiovisual market. Created at the end of 2007 TMG, Lda. Is a company under Angolan law, but only in mid-2008 does it actually start its commercial activity.

Primarily geared to representation, equipment trade, professional solutions and technical assistance, the recipients par excellence are the Television Channels, Producers, Teaching Centers and Technical-Professional Training.

In a year of commercial activity, Total Media Group (Angola), Lda. Raises the bar for ambitions to build a 1000mts (50x20) floor space Recording Studio, flanked by the future 800mts office that will integrate training, technical department, showroom with conference room, administrative area, project office, commercial office and public warehouse.

Less than 200mts from this site is being built the future logistics warehouse of TMG, Lda. Designed with a floor area of ​​600mts and implemented on a 1500mts walled land, this warehouse aims to receive equipment for sale but also equipment for hire.

Aware of the needs facing the national professionals, TMG, Lda. Is based on the creation of these structures, the logistic support, the training, the counseling and the accomplishment of projects that may benefit all those in Angola. devote to this activity.

Because it is a very ambitious and consciously difficult project to stop, Total Media Group (Angola), Lda. Expects the understanding and solidarity of all National Institutions, Producers and Professionals in Angola who need the means to continue their activities. professionals, see TMG, Lda. as a serious, active and professional business partner.

TMG, Lda. Also has the unconditional support of manufacturers that officially represents in Angola. Representing a range of International Manufacturers whose worldwide curriculum is enviable, TMG, Lda. Has the merit of referring to SONY - Professional Solutions; CANON - Broadcast Lenses; MIRANDA; OUT; SWIT; DATAVIDEO; VOCAS; VITEC-GROUP - Vinten, Sachtler, O'Connor, Clear-Com, Vinten-Radamec; VISION; FILMGEAR; E-IMAGE; OSEE; DB; SAT CS; ADDI-TELECOM; MOVIETECH; GFM; ABC-PRODUCTS and KEYWEST as some of the manufacturers.

To these manufacturers officially represented in Angola by TMG, Lda. Are added some to whom we guarantee distribution in Angolan territory. Manufacturers and equipment that provide solutions for the Broadcast, Professional and Semi-Professional segment are based on the Development and Objectives Matrix of TMG, Lda. In Angola.

TOTAL MEDIA GROUP (Angola), Lda. Strongly believes and bets on Angolan progress and development, training and inclusion of Angolan staff in the context of the needs of the National labor market, an autonomous and conscious near future in a very demanding, constantly changing activity. technological and knowledge

We have the support of all. Everyone can count on our support. Not an easy task, it is possible and prestigious for all of us, for the Nation.

Kind regards

The manager

Paulo J.M.A. Francisco